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Taylors freshly baked products

Taylors complete range of pies, puddings, pasties and sweet pies is prepared and baked on site in Leigh, fresh every day.

Traditional family recipes are refined by a qualified chef and ingredients carefully sourced, keeping the Taylors taste we’re known for at the heart of everything we do.

For additional product details, ingredients, allergens and nutritional information, please contact Taylors directly.

Family Plate Pies
9” round plate pie, perfect for a family tea. Available in 4 flavours, choose from Potato & Meat, Steak Mince & Onion, Chunky Steak and Cheese & Onion.
Hot Pot
Available in single and family portion sizes, full of our Potato & Meat filling with lots of veg for a great meal.
Meat Pie
Crunchy short pastry filled with highest quality meat and gelatine (whist and medium sizes available).
Pepper Potato & Meat Pie
Leigh’s original pepper pie, made to the same recipe for decades and deliciously peppery.
Oval Steak Pie
Freshly prepared, our own pastry is filled with our signature steak filling.
Chunky Steak Pie
Made in an oval shape, perfect for chip shops and the table.
Steak Pudding
The tastiest steak pudding around, made with real suet pastry and our delicious steak filling.
Pork Pie
Available in 3 sizes: 1lb, medium and dinky. Flavoursome pork pies butchered by Taylors, perfectly seasoned, full of jelly and perfect for parties.
Potato & Meat
Our classic pie based on an age-old recipe, we are proud to bake Leigh’s meatiest Potato & Meat Pie. Winner of a Silver medal at the 2017 British Pie Awards and available in 2 sizes.
Sausage Rolls
Tasty pork sausage filling in flaky puff pastry.
Mini Potato & Meat Pasty
A popular mini pasty perfect for parties and buffets.
Potato & Meat Pasty
Crisp shortcrust outer filled with our classic potato and meat mix.
Potato & Meat Puff Pasty
A meaty filling wrapped in golden, flaky and light puff pastry for a delicious snack any time.

Available in our signature Pie Boxes. Choose from:

  • Whist Pie
  • Party Pork Pie
  • Mini Sausage Rolls
  • Party Pasties
  • Family Pork Pie
  • Family Hot Pot
  • Mini Vegan Pies
  • Mini Cheese & Onion Pies
Cheese & Onion Pie
A delicious real mature Cheddar, potato and onion filling, available in 3 sizes.
Potato Cakes
Handmade daily at our bakery with real potatoes to an original recipe going back 30 years and still made by our long-serving baker Danny.
Cheese & Onion Slice
Filled with creamy cheese and onion, wrapped in puff pastry.
Family Blackcurrant Pie
Our blackcurrant pies are packed with a sweet and juicy filling, loved by families for years!
Egg Custard Tart
Baked every day using only fresh eggs, Taylors egg custards are unbeatable!
Family Apple Pie
A taste of home, chunky pieces of apple fill this plate pie topped with sweet shortcrust.

FSA approved and SALSA accredited

Taylors is approved by the Food Standards Agency, the highest recognition of food safety, hygiene and quality standards in the industry.

We’re accredited members of SALSA: Safe And Local Supplier Approval.

All ingredients and batches can be fully traced to source, and we butcher all meat on site to maintain excellence in quality and taste.
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We’re proud to bake our range of pies, puddings, pasties and sausage rolls fresh in Leigh every day, using locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible.
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